Jaguar Activity Key

What Is the Jaguar Activity Key?

The Jaguar Activity Key is a lightweight, shockproof, and fully waterproof wristband that can lock and unlock your vehicle, alleviating the need to carry a conventional key fob. The Activity Key allows you to participate in a wide range of activities without the worry of losing or damaging your primary key fob, too. Whether you are going mountain biking, surfing, or simply out for an early morning hike, you can safely leave your key fob locked inside your vehicle. Simply store your key fob in a secure location, like the glovebox or center console, and lock your Jaguar with the Activity Key wristband. For total security, your primary key fob is deactivated when using the Activity Key, ensuring that only you have access to your vehicle.

The Jaguar Activity Key is an optional extra now available for all new Jaguar SUVs, including the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE.

Jaguar Activity Key Pairing Instructions

Pairing the Jaguar Activity Key to your vehicle is simple. Follow the steps below to activate and use your Activity Key:

Activate the Activity Key

  • Turn your vehicle's ignition off and keep the conventional smart key fob inside the vehicle.
  • Exit the vehicle with the Activity Key and close all doors. The Activity Key antenna will then activate for 30 seconds.
  • Hold the activity key up to the designated area on the tailgate, and the vehicle will lock. The hazard lamps will flash to confirm.

Deactivate the Activity Key

  • When returning to the vehicle, press the tailgate release to activate the Activity Key antenna.
  • Hold the activity key up to the designated area on the tailgate to unlock the vehicle.
  • The hazard lamps will flash to confirm the vehicle is unlocked, and the conventional smart key fob inside the vehicle will reactivate.

Learn More About the Jaguar Activity Key

Thanks to the Jaguar Activity Key, you can focus more on exploring the Elmsford area and getting the most out of your favorite hobby, without the worry of losing your keys. For more information on Jaguar Activity Key pricing, or how to set up and use your Activity Key, feel free to give us a call at (914) 468-4201 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable teammates. In the meantime, check out more cool Jaguar features and technology, or browse our new inventory to find a new Activity Key-compatible Jaguar you can get behind the wheel of today!

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